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Pope sends condolences for victims of Turkish cargo jet crash

January 16, 2017. On Monday morning, a Turkish cargo plane has tragically crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing dozens and hospitalizing many others. Many homes and vehicles in the small village are also destroyed. As a result, Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin has sent a message of condolences to the victims of the disaster on behalf of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis to meet with Palestinian president on Saturday

January 11, 2017. Pope Francis will meet with Palestinian president, Mahmud Abbas on Saturday, January 14, at the Vatican to inaugurate the new Palestinian embassy to the Holy See.

Former Director of the Vatican's school for diplomats, Justo Mullor dies

December 30, 2016. The smiling archbishop Justo Mullor died this morning in Rome, at the Pío XI Clinic. He was 84 years old.
Pope Francis

Pope approves new decrees for the Causes of Saints

December 22, 2016. On Wednesday, December 21, Pope Francis authorized the following decrees for the Causes of Saints:

Alvaro Siviero: "An artist without human virtues is not a real artist"


Artists, like Siviero, from all over the world met with Benedict XVI in December, but Siviero was the only one from Brazil. It wasn’t his first time meeting Benedict XVI. When the pope went to Brazil in 2007, Siviero played for the Pope at a private meeting and had the opportunity to meet with the pontiff on six other occassions.

The pope and the pianist feel the same way about music. That’s why Siviero defines his frienship with the pope in musical terms.

Álvaro Siviero

“There is not need to be physically on the side of the person you are caring about it just heart and heart, mind and mind.”

To transmit emotion and touch people’s hearts, inspiration is what counts, and Siviero has no doubts on this topic.

Álvaro Siviero
“Inspiration comes from the heart. And sometimes you see the people studying, studying, studying, practicing, practicing, practicing, but not feeding their heart, with good content, with like human virtues, human capacities, and this is the most important thing when you see an artist”.

In Siviero’s case, his passion for music and his desire to convey good and beautiful works has a precise origin.

Álvaro Siviero
 “My passion is huge, it’s enormous. It is crystal clear. Tthat today’s society and people respect from us, artists, in my case music as I came a pianist to be a bridge between this crazy and stressed world and beauty, but the real beauty, the true beauty.”

Transmitting beauty through music is a lot more profound than reaching success and awards. And although Siviero has racked up many of them, his first one at the age of 9, he also has a degree in physics and has performed all around the world. His inspiration is just as clear as his mission, which is to give society a little happiness through music.

Álvaro Siviero
“An artist is an envelope, it is carrying a letter, the real content,  which is music. So we are not the content, we are not the letter we are an envelope. Just an instrument, and my passion is exactly that to make people happier to with the music to promote the Beauty inside people’s heart.”

This is the message Benedict XVI voiced to artists and one Siviero will take home.

Álvaro Siviero

“I am going back to Brazil to carry this message and to tell my collegues, to tell my friends: look, if you are an artists, if you want to be an artists, you have to change your mind. You have to change your attitudes, that ego management problems, or this kinds of competition problems that make no any sense when you want to make music not make yourself. When the focus is the others side, not my side, not my belly button  then I am being an artist.”

An artist who hopes to deliver the beauty of life through his music, day by day. An artist whose passion for the piano has taken him to the most hidden corners of the Vatican.

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