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Pope Francis

Pope sends condolences and solidarity to Cairo after bus attack

May 26, 2017. Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, wrote a letter to His Excellency Abdel Fattah Al Sisi after the bus attack Friday in Cairo, which left close to 30 Coptic Christians dead, including children, and many others injured.
Pope Francis

Pope sends condolences to Manchester after attack

May 23, 2017. After the deadly terrorist attack at Victoria Station in Manchester, England, the pope has sent his condolences to the victims and their families.

Fatima’s three secrets: It took 83 years to be fully revealed


That’s because, the three secrets the Virgin revealed to Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia proved to be a lot more relevant than the young shepherds ever imagined.

Angela de Fatima Silva
Postulator for the Cause of Canonization for Fatima’s shepherds

“On July 13th, at the end of the apparitions, when the little shepherds were asked, what happened today?, Lucia said, I can’t say everything, it’s a secret.”

Two of the three secrets were revealed in 1917, while the apparitions were still taking place. The shepherds witnessed a vision of Hell. The Virgin also called for the consecration of the world to the her Immaculate Heart, in order to avoid a war worst than the one that was already taking place. Shortly after, World War II began in 1939.

Aura Miguel
Author, “El secreto que guía al Papa”

“The Virgin said that if humanity didn’t not convert by July 13, 1917, there would be a war worst than the one that was already underway.”

83 years went by before the third secret was revealed. Lucia wrote it down in 1941 but it was kept under seal in the archives at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith inside the Vatican, until the year 2000.

On May 13th of that year, during the beatification of Jacinta and Francisco, and in the presence of Sister Lucia, the pope revealed the secret.

The third secret spoke about the vision of martyrs in the twentieth century and revealed the late pontiff was destined to be one of them.

John Paul II connected the secret to the attempt on his life in 1981 at St. Peter’s Square. Exactly one year later, John Paul II visited Fatima to thank the Virgin for saving his life and placed the bullet the shooter fired in the Virgin’s crown.