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Exhibition at the Vatican Museums celebrates Vatican Radio's 80th birthday


Antonio Paolucci
Director, Vatican Museums
TheVatican Museums have done their best to prepare this small exhibitionin the entrance hall, which is a strategic location because for theyear-long survey, about 5 million people people of all languages willvisit from around the world, showing the worldwide impact of VaticanRadio.”

Theexhibition is the main event of Vatican Radio´s 80thanniversary proceedings. Alsoplanned is the publication of a book on the history of Vatican Radio,as well as the meeting of chairs of European radio stations.Thehead of the Vatican City said today that Vatican Radio has had thesame mission for its 80 years of existence: to bring the voice of thePope to the whole world, even to places where there is no religiousfreedom.

Card. Giovanni Lajolo
President, Governatorate of VaticanCity
Radioremains the appropriate instrument, and, sometimes the only, tospread a message of faith and freedom. Radio can overcome barriersand enter the houses and places where faith continues to develop insecret, at the risk of one´s own life.”

Fr. Federico Lombardi
Director, Vatican Radio

“Webelieve that we have a clear and constant mission. We serve for theproclamation of the Gospel, in a specific way, as collaborators ofthe Holy Father.”

From1940 until 1946, Vatican Radio broadcast 1,270,000 messages, 12,105hours of broadcasting that brought the voice and message of the popeto the prison camps and battlefronts of World War II.

Thesuccess of Vatican Radio is not limited to the past. With the adventof new technologies, the radio of the pope has been reinvented. Now80 years old and making the leap to internet radio and mobilepodcast, there is the hope that the new challenges facing VaticanRadio will be met with at least 80 more years of success.