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Thousands of letters sent to John Paul II, shown at the 'Museum of Love Letters'


President, Association Papaboys (Italy)
"These letters tell a story of love and purity. They also have great spiritual beauty, because in these letters, the face of John Paul II is recognized as the face of Jesus.”

Roughly 18,000 letters that were sent to the Polish Pope are part of the exhibit. It's a way to show just how many people, from all walks of life, admired  and were affected by John Paul II. 

President, Association Papaboys (Italy)
"They represent all the colors of the world, all the colors that come together in St. Peter's Square. Some letters are written in Braille, some come from the Islamic world and  from people of other religions. There are even some, where we don't recognize the language.”

There are all types of letters, some long, others quite short. But still, they highlight just how many people were moved by the Pope, and his suffering, during the last moments of his life. 

President, Association Papaboys (Italy)
"What moved me most was a letter of a 17 year old teenager whose family is related to the Camorra family, which runs the mafia in the city of Naples. He asks for forgiveness for all the murders and pain his father has caused.”

The Museum opened its doors on October 16. A special date that commemorates the day that Karol Wojtyla was elected pope back in 1978. The letters will now be part of a permanent exhibition.

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