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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: No people is criminal and no religion is terrorist

February 17, 2017. Pope Francis has sent an important message to the Meetings of Popular Movements that is taking place in Modesto (California). The pope denounces the "moral blindness of this indifference”: "under the guise of what is politically correct or ideologically fashionable, one looks at those who suffer without touching them. But they are televised live; they are talked about in euphemisms and with apparent tolerance, but nothing is done systematically to heal the social wounds or to confront the structures that leave so many brothers and sisters by the wayside”.

The government of the Order of Malta will elect the successor of the Grand Master in April

February 15, 2017. On April 29, the Council Complete of State, the Order’s constitutional body, will elect the next Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (or, as provided for in the Constitution, a Lieutenant of the Grand Master, to hold office for a year).
Pope Francis

Pope names a Special Envoy for Medjugorje

< style> February 11, 2017. Pope Francis has asked Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., bishop of Warsaw-Prague (Poland), to go to Medjugorje as Special Envoy of the Holy See. According< g> the Vatican, "the mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future”.

Biography of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American Saint


Biographer, Kateri Tekakwitha

"Unfortunately her mother died, when Kateri was 4 year old. And it's assumed that, her mother Kagenta was her name, sangsongs to Kateri to plant some of the seeds of the Christian faith in her young daughter".

Matthew Bunson, has actually written several biographies of different saints. But he says the life of Kateri is a true model for young people, since she shows that holiness is possible for everyone.

Biographer, Kateri Tekakwitha

"The universality f the holiness of finding saints in every corner of the world . But also how young people can be called to holiness. We cannot forget that Kateri died at the age of 24".

She has been dubbed the Pocahontas of the Catholic Church. The author of her biography says she built a bridge between Native Americans and Christians.

Biographer, Kateri Tekakwitha

"Kateri herself represents that beautiful union of the Native American love of nature of prizing that which is good and beautiful in the wilderness”

After converting, Kateri was persecuted by her tribe. She never doubted her faith, but she did flee to Canada. Now as a saint of the Catholic Church, her biographer says she can inspire others to follow in her footsteps and seek holiness in their every day lives.