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Congregation of Bishops' number two offers benefit Christmas concert


Secretary, Congregation of Bishops

 "The piano keeps me company. I remember that Nelson Freire, a great pianist, once said, 'I play the piano and I know if it likes me or not.' It's a bit like that. In 1991, I bought one and this is the one that accompanies me: from Paraguay to India, from India to Brazil, and now in Rome.”

Msgr. Baldisseri comes from a musical family. His father played the piano and guitar, and his brother is also a priest and musician. In his youth he sang, and was often referred to as a prodigious child with a pure voice. He even recorded an album.

Secretary, Congregation of Bishops

 "Beauty definitely elevates the spirit. I am sure that all artists have this dimension they cannot escape. They may be agnostic, in the sense that do not have a chosen religion, but they have God within them.”

His favorite author is Chopin, whom he defines as a poet of the piano. In his case, music and solidarity go hand in hand. When he served as apostolic nuncio in Brazil, he had the chance to stage a piano concert with various children from one of the poorest favelas, or slums, from Rio de Janeiro. That musical experience forever changed those children, as well as Msrg. Basdisseri

Secretary, Congregation of Bishops

 "It's extraordinary because children that touch a piano, they redeem themselves. They become children who can lead a good life, grow and educate themselves without drugs or violence. Music is effectively an extraordinary educational tool.”

For about a year now, Msgr. Lorenzo Badisseri has served as secretary for the Congregation of Bishops, the body in charge of selecting new bishops, organizing ad limina visits, and creating new dioceses.

He also has extensive diplomatic experience. Baldisseri has served as apostolic nuncio for Haiti, Paraguay, India, Nepal and Brazil. But wherever he goes, his music is always beside him.

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