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Pope Francis

Pope Francis visits Benedict XVI before his upcoming birthday

April 13, 2017. Vatican releases statement that the pope visited Benedict XVI yesterday.
Holy Week

Colosseum's Way of the Cross meditations written by female biblical scholar

March 31, 2017. Anne-MariePelletier'smeditations will be read during the event on Good Friday.

Festive atmosphere takes over St. Peter's Square as pilgrims welcome the Pope


"I'm playing the guitar because I'm very excited about this Pope. He is exactly the person the Church needs right now.”

"I'm curious, I hope to see him, because he is newly elected. I hope that he will be a good Pope, a guide to other people and an example to humans, to children, for people who has suffered too much.”

"We are very happy and full of joy. It's truly a blessing to have this Pope. It's been great so far. He's showing his humility to the entire world.”

They came from all over the world. Some asked for the day off, some even slept here to get a good spot. Others didn't take it quite that far.

"We came as part of our class. But not everyone made out. Some didn't get up on time and they 're still sleeping. But that's ok, we are here representing them.”

"It is a very nice moment for me I'm here for the Pope I feel a strange feeling.”

They came to wish the Pope a good Pontificate and also to be part of history, as the first Latin American leads the Catholic Church.