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Pope Francis

Pope Francis visits Benedict XVI before his upcoming birthday

April 13, 2017. Vatican releases statement that the pope visited Benedict XVI yesterday.
Holy Week

Colosseum's Way of the Cross meditations written by female biblical scholar

March 31, 2017. Anne-MariePelletier'smeditations will be read during the event on Good Friday.

New app allows in-depth, hidden views of Shroud of Turin


The multilingual App is called Shroud 2.0, and will be widely available starting March 29. It features high-def photos, as well as background and research information on the Shroud. 

It is currently housed in Turin, Italy, and has been made available mostly to scientists. The App will include some of their findings, like forensic analysis and preservation data. 

Users can magnify images, which allows them to see the “hidden” details, like the red and white wax drops from candle ceremonies during the burial. 

The limited version of the App is free, with a cost of 3.59 for the utmost level of the app.