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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: No people is criminal and no religion is terrorist

February 17, 2017. Pope Francis has sent an important message to the Meetings of Popular Movements that is taking place in Modesto (California). The pope denounces the "moral blindness of this indifference”: "under the guise of what is politically correct or ideologically fashionable, one looks at those who suffer without touching them. But they are televised live; they are talked about in euphemisms and with apparent tolerance, but nothing is done systematically to heal the social wounds or to confront the structures that leave so many brothers and sisters by the wayside”.

The government of the Order of Malta will elect the successor of the Grand Master in April

February 15, 2017. On April 29, the Council Complete of State, the Order’s constitutional body, will elect the next Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (or, as provided for in the Constitution, a Lieutenant of the Grand Master, to hold office for a year).
Pope Francis

Pope names a Special Envoy for Medjugorje

< style> February 11, 2017. Pope Francis has asked Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., bishop of Warsaw-Prague (Poland), to go to Medjugorje as Special Envoy of the Holy See. According< g> the Vatican, "the mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future”.

Bosch's "Seven Capital Sins" showcased in Rome for the first time


The sin of ´wrath´ for example, is represented by a sword. Gluttony is seen as two people, who seem to be full, yet still hover over a table. Then, there´s a character who is too lazy to get up, representing sloth of course. In a unique way, this painting shows all these temptations, in one painting. 
“The color is striking as well as the distortion of the landscape. I find the piece to be very modern,  and to a certain point the characters are even comical. It represents all the vices human are tempted with, but it also shows the positive side of human nature.”

“What I like the most about Bosch is his allegory.”

“I like the image of the old woman who is starring at the mirror. It represents a type of vanity because time simply passes. But it also has a humorous touch because the woman who just stares at the mirror isn´t very beautiful to begin with.”

Bosch was definitely an expert in his field and younger generations took notice. His students made this oil painting titled ´The Charlatan´or swindler. 

It shows how a man is fooled by a swindler. While he´s distracted as a pickpocket takes his money. People take notice, but don´t say anything. Once again through these paintings, sin and human tendency is showcased through art. 

OFL @odelafu -KLH