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Pope Francis

Pope Francis visits Benedict XVI before his upcoming birthday

April 13, 2017. Vatican releases statement that the pope visited Benedict XVI yesterday.

Australian Cardinal, George Pell, publishes new book and talks about the reform of the Roman Curia


Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)
"It's not a cabinet. We are not an executive. In no sense is the Holy Father answer to us.”

Actually reforming the Roman Curia was discussed quite extensively before the conclave, when cardinals met for their general congregation meetings. Even though the group won't have executive powers, the Australian Cardinal says it could advise the Pope on everything from Church communication to the sex abuse crisis.

Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)
"I think he's a man that is very capable, very open to receiving ideas even if he doesn't finally accept them, I think he will be a strong man of action.”

The Cardinal traveled to Rome to present his latest book titled 'Contemplating Christ with Luke.' To celebrate, the Australian Embassy to the Holy See, held a gathering for Cardinal Pell, which was hosted by Ambassador John McCarthy.  Pell says the goal of the book is to inspire readers, especially the youth, about the teachings of Christ.

Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)
"I remember reading, once where one writer in the States, quite a few years ago, said that young people in the United States knew more about Abraham Lincoln than they did about Jesus Christ.”

In addition to being Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Pell is also a member of the Congregation for Bishops. But many don't know  he' the treasurer of the Catholic Migration Commission, which was launched by Pope Pius XII back in 1951.

Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)
"During that time we've settled a million refugees in the United States over those 60 years, this year we will probably settle 7, 000.”

Among the guests were several high ranking Church leaders, including American James Stafford, who is the Major Penitentiary emeritus and Monsignor Peter Wells from the Vatican's Secretariat of State, who serves as the Assessor for General Affairs.

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