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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: No people is criminal and no religion is terrorist

February 17, 2017. Pope Francis has sent an important message to the Meetings of Popular Movements that is taking place in Modesto (California). The pope denounces the "moral blindness of this indifference”: "under the guise of what is politically correct or ideologically fashionable, one looks at those who suffer without touching them. But they are televised live; they are talked about in euphemisms and with apparent tolerance, but nothing is done systematically to heal the social wounds or to confront the structures that leave so many brothers and sisters by the wayside”.

The government of the Order of Malta will elect the successor of the Grand Master in April

February 15, 2017. On April 29, the Council Complete of State, the Order’s constitutional body, will elect the next Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (or, as provided for in the Constitution, a Lieutenant of the Grand Master, to hold office for a year).
Pope Francis

Pope names a Special Envoy for Medjugorje

< style> February 11, 2017. Pope Francis has asked Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., bishop of Warsaw-Prague (Poland), to go to Medjugorje as Special Envoy of the Holy See. According< g> the Vatican, "the mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future”.

Benedict XVI celebrates Mass at the Vatican for former students


Benedict XVI celebrated on Sunday a Mass with his former students at the Chapel of the Vatican Governate. The "Circle of Former Ratzinger Students” have met for a few days each summer for the past 30 years to debate several theological questions.   

Former Benedict XVI student 
"He was doing very well, though, naturally, he showed his age, and he walked with trouble. He has a quiet voice, but his mind is still sharp. He is still very magnificent. He gave a splendid homily, and then, of course, I was, able to speak with him for a bit afterward.” 

The "Circle of Former Ratzinger Students” have met for a few days each summer for the past 30 years to debate several theological questions. This time, the theme was "the question of God in the context of secularization.” This year, the meeting had an added element of excitement for the Pope emeritus' followers. 

Former Benedict XVI student 
"It's always a special event to meet up with former Ratzinger students, since had worked together, we fought together, we had gotten to know this formidable man, Professor Ratzinger, over time. And now we could greet him. We were overjoyed to be with him, to remember all the things we went through back then.” 

The annual gathering with his former students has always been greatly important to the Pope emeritus. However, since his resignation, he has limited his public appearances. The last one was alongside Pope Francis at the inauguration of a statue of the Archangel St. Michael at the Vatican Gardens on July 5.