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Vatican establishes diplomatic relations with Mauritania

December 9, 2016. The Vatican will establish diplomatic relations with Mauritania. This African country is an Islamic Republic extremely hostile towards Christians.

Vatican launches new website for the Protection of Minors from sex abuse

December 6, 2016. The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors (PCPM) has launched a website to provide the public with information about their mission: "the effective protection of minors and a commitment to ensure their human and spiritual development.”
Pope Francis

These are the names of the 17 new cardinals the pope appointed at the consistory

November 19, 2016. 13 of them are under the age of 80, and thus able to vote in a hypothetical conclave, and four of them are non-electors.

Israeli songwriter composes moving songs for John Paul II's musical


Noa, the Israeli-born artist of Yemeni background is renown world wide. She was tasked with composing several songs for the musical "Karol Wojtyla: the True Story.”   

She came up with five original songs, alongside the Solis String Quartet. The set list also includes "Ave Maria,” the song Noa sang for John Paul II 18 years ago at the Vatican. 

"Look at the Moon” is one of the songs from the musical. The scene plays out during the moment a young Wojtyla is looking at the moon, along with his Jewish girlfriend.