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Pope sends condolences to Manchester after attack

May 23, 2017. After the deadly terrorist attack at Victoria Station in Manchester, England, the pope has sent his condolences to the victims and their families.

Cardinal O'Malley brings youth outreach, added dose of humility to reform committee


At a quick glance, Cardinal Sean O'Malley shares many traits in common with Pope Francis. To start off, the Boston cardinal is known for his simple and austere approach to his office. On Church policy, the two might also see eye on eye.   

When he took the reins of a lawsuit-ridden archdiocese, he sold off the archbishop's home to pay for settlements, and moved into the seminary. Cardinal O'Malley is also part of a religious order, and he's commonly spotted wearing his simple Capuchin cloak, rather than his formal clerical attire. 

On Church policy, the two might also see eye on eye. The archbishop of Boston has spoken about the need to have an effective Curia that supports the Pope in governing the Church. 

The Cardinal is also passionate about finding new ways to spread the Gospel, and especially to get younger people involved. He says getting people excited about their faith is the key to it's success in the future. 

Archbishop of Boston
"But it has to begin with our personal faith, and spiritual journey, and friendship with the Lord. The more that we become aware of what we have received, and how much the Lord loves us, than the more we're going to want to share that.” 

As part of the eight-member committee Pope Francis appointed, Cardinal O'Malley brings several unique traits to the table. He has a working knowledge of the Vatican and some of it's biggest challenges. 

Since Benedict XVI created him cardinal in 2006, he has served on the pontifical commissions, and worked with bishops from the Americas. As the Boston archbishop, he has dealt head on with the sexual abuse crisis, and implemented a zero-tolerance policy. 

Boston also has a large number of young people, and Cardinal O'Malley has become a trendsetter in using new ways to reach them. He was the first cardinal to have his own blog, and has a large followings on Twitter. 

But one of his biggest traits is his ability to communicate. He has a humble and approachable personality, yet he commands attention. That willcome in handy when working with the other cardinals that will help shape the future of the Catholic Church.