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Holy See confirms investigation of Order of Malta

January 17, 2017. The Holy See has issued a statement Tuesday in response to "attempts by the Order of Malta to discredit” the new group established by the Vatican to conduct the investigation of why the Chancellor of the Order of Malta was asked to step down.

Pope sends condolences for victims of Turkish cargo jet crash

January 16, 2017. On Monday morning, a Turkish cargo plane has tragically crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing dozens and hospitalizing many others. Many homes and vehicles in the small village are also destroyed. As a result, Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin has sent a message of condolences to the victims of the disaster on behalf of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis to meet with Palestinian president on Saturday

January 11, 2017. Pope Francis will meet with Palestinian president, Mahmud Abbas on Saturday, January 14, at the Vatican to inaugurate the new Palestinian embassy to the Holy See.

Former Director of the Vatican's school for diplomats, Justo Mullor dies

December 30, 2016. The smiling archbishop Justo Mullor died this morning in Rome, at the Pío XI Clinic. He was 84 years old.
Pope Francis

Pope approves new decrees for the Causes of Saints

December 22, 2016. On Wednesday, December 21, Pope Francis authorized the following decrees for the Causes of Saints:

Thereare many painful situations that dot the Middle East. But since the13thCentury, Franciscan friars bring hope to experience like the strifein Egypt or the ruthless civil war in Syria. In the latter, 30Franciscan friars remain, the last Roman Catholic priests in thecountry. Through them, the Custody of the Holy Land works to lessenthe suffering of the Syrian population. 

Custodianof the Holy Land 
"Beingin the Holy Land, in the Middle East, in Syria, does not mean onlylooking after the small Christian Church. All poor people are thesame. There are no poor people in Series A or Series B, so we need tohelp them all. And the true reality on the ground is that poorChristians and Muslims help each other out. It's a very concrete andsolid foundation on which to build the Middle East of the future.” 

TheCustody of the Holy Land operates inside Israel, Jordan, Syria,Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus and Rhodes. Since Christians have been aroundfor thousands of years, their work is fundamental in keeping thosecommunities from leaving the birthplace of Christianity. 

Custodianof the Holy Land 
"TheChristians of the Middle East are our parents. We received our faithfrom them. So the Christian presence in the Middle East is very old,with roots at start of Christianity. So, looking after the Christiancharacter of the Middle East, the presence of Christians and theirsaints, is important for Christians across the world.” 

ThePope plans to visit the Holy Land next year. Both the Israeli andPalestinian governments have invited him, as well as severalreligious leaders in the region. For the Custodian, the Pope's visitwould bring hope to many. 

Custodianof the Holy Land 
"PopeFrancis has been received with great enthusiasm, be it by Jews orMuslims. So there will probably be a huge impact on the entirepopulation. We hope he also generates a desire for dialogue andencounter.” 

Thatis something the whole world might be expecting as well. As Paul VIsaid in the past, if Christians disappear from the Holy Land, theHoly Places will end up as museums. 

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