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Vatican establishes diplomatic relations with Mauritania

December 9, 2016. The Vatican will establish diplomatic relations with Mauritania. This African country is an Islamic Republic extremely hostile towards Christians.

Vatican launches new website for the Protection of Minors from sex abuse

December 6, 2016. The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors (PCPM) has launched a website to provide the public with information about their mission: "the effective protection of minors and a commitment to ensure their human and spiritual development.”
Pope Francis

These are the names of the 17 new cardinals the pope appointed at the consistory

November 19, 2016. 13 of them are under the age of 80, and thus able to vote in a hypothetical conclave, and four of them are non-electors.

Catholic rapper breaks down why it's worth listening to God


The newest video from Spain's Fresh Sanchez is titled "Listen.” The Catholic rapper uses his lyrics to call people to attention.

"We seek God without knowing it.
Submerged in problems over appearances.
We build our ego: Pride and power.
Christmas charity, disappears later.”

Fresh Sanchez talks about the joy of Christianity within his lyrics, as well as the importance of building a good relationship with God.

"We seek the truth in so many trash bins.
People are not happy. Emptiness continues.
Today, I sit here next to the tabernacle.
I tell my problems to the neighborhood psychologist.”

The clip also features fellow rapper Josué, from Spanish band Black Soul. He also gives witness on how he lives out his faith.

"Look at my sneakers, worn out by time.
That's how my faith is, present in every moment.
It's not a suit used only on Sundays.”

The song and all albums from Fresh Sanchez can be downloaded for free at his website.

His listeners have the chance to live out their faith and identify with his lyrics, praising the role of God in their lives.

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