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Pope Francis

Pope sends condolences to Manchester after attack

May 23, 2017. After the deadly terrorist attack at Victoria Station in Manchester, England, the pope has sent his condolences to the victims and their families.

Pope Francis in front of the “Terminator”: Women are braver than men


Every Wednesday, the smallest country in the world is filled with people of all kinds and nations. Usually you find normal people there, but at times also famous athletes, or even actors, like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

In fact, in front of the Terminator the pope dared to say: 

"Women are more courageous than men.”

He took note. Although, what most people like about this pope is not only what he says, but also what he does. 

"I greeted the Pope, and he blessed me. It was an exciting encounter. I did not understand anything, I just looked into his eyes.”

One should also know that after each event, Pope Francis greets the sick, one by one, like Angela. 

"I think we all have an illness, everyone, everyone. Maybe mine is visible and the others are not, but they all bring a lot of suffering. "

Pope Francis greets both the sick and newlyweds, like Michael and Adrienne, from the United States. They are journalists, and she works at CBS. 

"We probably spoke with him for 30 seconds.”
"And we arrived here at 6:30 this morning.”

They were punctual, but others were not so lucky, and their lack of punctuality cost them a great expense... 

"We had to meet here at nine o'clock, but the plane arrived two hours late due to ice. FLASH. I called, and tried to bribe the police to let me pass, but he did not want to hear anything.”

If you come to Rome, be careful with those who sell tickets for audiences with the pope. It is a practice that Pope Francis himself has denounced in public.

"This is free. One comes here without paying because this is everyone's house.”

During the winter, when it is cold in Rome, the audiences are in the Paul VI Audience Hall. The rest of the year, when the sun shines, they are held in St. Peter's square. These audiences are much more numerous and chaotic, but the atmosphere is festive. In any case, when the heat returns, we will let you know.