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South Sudan missionary: “These people ask us to not forget they are people”


Solidarity with South Sudan is an organization that seeks to alleviate the suffering of a country that has just become aware of the tragedy of war. 

In South Sudan, four religious communities of men and women struggle in a population that feels forgotten by the world. 

Solidarity with South Sudan
"Many times people tell us, 'Please remember we are there. Do not forget that we exist.' They do not even ask for food or money but just to remember that they exist. I believe that this is our greatest sin, to forget the people that are there. They are not only numbers, they are people.”

Sister Yudith has seen chronic hunger suffered by the people in South Sudan with her own eyes. In a country with 300 percent inflation, and almost no agriculture or development, all stomachs are empty.

Solidarity with South Sudan
"There are people who are isolated, especially in the rainy season, and are eating grass because there is nothing. People are really starving. We see it. All children and young people are hungry. Everyone is very thin. It is a situation of intense stress and  pressure.”

With a collapsed state and war in which atrocious crimes have been committed, the dead are no longer even counted. Each day that passes is even more cruel than the previous. 

Solidarity with South Sudan
"The news came to us that a policeman had committed suicide because he had no salary and had starved his children. These stories are terrible, but they are a part of life there.”

However not fixing the situation would be even more cruel. To help, religious sisters like Yudith and Solidarity with South Sudan, do not stop their effort to fight. They know that peace and development are possible and despite their efforts, the help they offer is small compared to the mass devastation.