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Pope Francis meets donors from US: “Pray for the needs of the poor”


Pope Francis greeted members of the Papal Foundation, who are in Rome for their annual visit.

Established in 1988, The Papal Foundation supports charitable and religious causes close to the pontiff's heart. Cardinal Wuerl greeted the Holy Father on behalf of the donors. 

Archbishop of Washington DC
"Your holiness reminded us to see beyond ourselves, and to see the great work. We learn that there is no greater joy than sharing good, simply to make available to your Holiness the possibility of helping those in need.”

Pope Francis then spoke to its members, who over the course of ten years pledge to give one million dollars. He expressed his gratitude for their generosity, and explained the importance sowing hope. 

"I am grateful for your desire to assist the Church's efforts to proclaim the message of hope to the ends of the earth, and to work for the spiritual and material advancement of our brothers and sisters.” 

At the conclusion of the event, the Holy Father asked that in addition to their contributions, they may also keep those receiving it in their prayers. 

"I ask you, as a vital part of your commitment to the work of the Papal Foundation, to pray for the needs of the poor.” 

Since its founding, The Papal Foundation has raised over $215 million, with $121 million awarded in grants and scholarships.