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Pope condemns "the horror and absurd violence" after attack on church in France


Stopover in Rome for pilgrims traveling to WYD in Krakow


LIVE: Mass opening the World Youth Day in Krakow


WYD: Seminarians get young men to ask themselves the hardest question in life


Maximilian Kolbe: Polish saint who replaced a prisoner on Auschwitz death row


Pope Francis' best messages to the youth


Congregation founded by St. Vincent de Paul to elect new superior general


Pope Francis: “God does not need our prayer to discover what we need”


Pope Francis' weekly schedule: Trip to Poland and WYD


Ancient icons on display at Vatican Museum, mixing Orthodox and Catholic styles


LIVE: Pope Francis prays weekly Angelus at the Vatican


A virtual WYD raises money to take a mobile clinic to Syria


Cardinal Parolin on WYD: Young people could be the builders of a new world


Vatican produces special stamps for Jubilee and World Youth Day


The only other WYD in Poland: Czestochowa 1991


Pope asks monasteries not to "recruit" foreign nuns to avoid closing their monastery


Full text of the "Vultum Dei quaerere" on female contemplative life


WYD volunteers challenge the world to a dance competition