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Jorge Oesterheld: Pope communicates well because he speaks about what concerns people, not priests


The Bible comes to life with exact replica of Noah's Ark


Pope greets congregation who is a champion of charity


Pope meets with Costa Rican President: hints that a future visit to country is possible


Thousands of migrants rescued in past 48 hours from dramatic conditions in Mediterranean


Family adopts child with Down syndrome and he recieves Pope's blessing


The Corpus Christi procession passes through the streets of Rome


Pope at Mass of Corpus Christi: How many parents will do anything for their children!


LIVE: Corpus Christi procession through the streets of Rome


Pope Francis' Corpus Christi Homily


Cardinal Loris Capovilla passes away at 100-years-old


LIVE: Pope celebrates Corpus Christi Mass in Rome


The key points for unveiling ideological colonization, a concept the Pope denounces


Imam of Al-Azhar prays at the Paris Bataclan concert hall, scene of the attacks of November 13th


Volunteers from Lesbos give the Pope the life-jacket that belonged to a Syrian girl who drowned


Pope Francis: God does not conform to our demands. Prayer is not magic


Pope Francis at the general audience: Prayer is not a “magic wand”


LIVE: Pope's General Audience