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The spectacular Bible Museum that is being built in Washington, D.C.


Vatican Gallery of Maps regains original shine after more than three years of restoration


Rome exhibit works of the Jewish painter who was inspired by the Apocalypse of St. John


The Faces of Christ Collection to tour the United States


Rome reopens to the public a "Sistine Chapel" of the Middle Ages


Cinecitta studios premieres a spectacular exhibition on cinema called 'Backstage'


New York Faith based recording studio is live-streaming a Catholic music channel


World famous Globe Theatre group performs Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Vatican


A painting and sculpture school for modern churches


The friar who uses music as an instrument to proclaim the Gospel


The film “Poveda” about a revolutionary Spanish priest premieres at the Vatican


The best of Toulouse Lautrec in Rome, an artist not as frivolous as he seems


Hollywood debuts film about the miraculous healing of a sick child


Matt Maher launches new album and embarks on a U.S. tour


Mother Angelica: The nun who revolutionized the media landscape of Catholicism


New Easter album released by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, conducted by Graham Ross


A Broadway-style musical takes on a contemporary view of the Passion of Christ


Daniel Pajuelo: The Spanish priest who preaches to rap music