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A Musical About The Life Of 10 Martyrs Of The 20th Century

P. Joaquin Alliende President International Aid to the Church in Need We?ve presented the life of 10 martyrs ranging from Thailand to México, who were persecuted and oppressed by the communists, the Nazis and military governments who have infringed on the Church.Through music and dance, the play tells the stories of 10 people who chose to die rather than to give up their faith. Piotr Chilipalski Actor It?s a true story, it?s almost a documentary done in an artistic manner. ; For us as actors it is difficult to take on these roles and then suddenly you realize that they were real people. But at the same time, it makes the show very special and unique.The story is about seminarians in Burundi who refused to be separated on the basis of their race because they knew that some of them would be killed. "Pelican", the play?s title, evokes the ancient Christian symbolism, in which the bird pricks itself on the chest to feed its young with its own blood. Just as Jesus did. Piotr Chilipalski Actor I?m the Pelican and the story is based on the legend of Pelican, the three kings looking for a wonderful bird who heals all the wounds and gives life.Father Joaquin Alliende came up with the idea for this play when Benedict XVI said that the testimony of martyrs should serve to promote evangelization during the 21st century. P. Joaquin Alliende President International Aid to the Church in NeedThe Church in Need needs the strength that gives the testimony of the martyrs, how can one stand the pain of necessity, if the strength of faith is not nourished? There is nothing that fuels the faith as much as the testimony of those who died for Christ.""Pelican" has already been performed in 17 European cities. It premiered in 2005 and is currently playing in the Eternal City.