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Advice For A Happy Marriage

His first advice to those who will soon unite their lives, is to reflect on the meaning of marriage, which is founded on the promise that couples make before the altar.Msgr. Michael RyanCrescere in Famiglia (Italia)To say, ?I take you as my husband, as my wife and I promise to be faithful to you, and then I put these words to say there is no limit to this love that I have for you? that is marriage. Therefore, I think we should help people to understand the beauty and I would say the luxury of a marriage like that.Michael Ryan, who has helped couples for five years, advises them to be especially alert ;in their marriage during the first two years, the time when the relationship is consolidated.Msgr. Michael RyanCrescere in Famiglia (Italia)All the energy of the motors are put to the test there, monitor the first two years maybe with the help of spiritual direction for example to be able to make sure the marriage is getting off the ground in the most perfect way possible.He considers it essential that couples share with each other their ideas and expectations of marriage. Msgr. Michael RyanCrescere in Famiglia The way we treat one another, the way we express affection, the relationship with friends, with your families, the intimacy, the sexual expectations, the understanding of moral virtues and values. If the couple happens to find any of these things in their way they should stop and resolve it.He also encourages newlyweds to have a great sense of humor because problems often arise from simple misunderstandings that should be resolved before they turn into serious problems. Msgr. Michael RyanCrescere in Famiglia I think there is a law there, of human relationship that, when we interact with one another, some of the things that happen can hurt us but most important still some things can wound us. When there is wound in a relationship this can become a problem overtime. The best about marriage, the counselor says, is that through forgiveness and responsibility, a couple can overcome serious, very serious problems. He adds that when this happens, the outcome is an even stronger love.