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At Least 20 Missionaries Killed In 2008

The Vatican Fides agency published the list of murdered missionaries in 2008. India ranks as the most dangerous place for Catholics because of violence against Christians in Orissa, where 3 priests and a lay woman were killed. The Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Irak, Mons. Paulis Faraj Rahho was kidnapped and murdered in February. Benedict XVI held a Mass of Suffrage for him and prayed for the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in Iraq.Benedict XVIIn profound uni-on with the Chaldean Community in Iraq and in the diaspora, we have mourned Archbishop Rahho?s death and the inhuman way in which he was obliged to end his earthly life. Today however, in this Eucharist that we are offering for his consecrated soul, we would like to thank God for all the good He worked in him and through him.Although the number of killed missionaries has decreased in the last years, violence against Christians is growing in Asia , Africa and the Middle East.1994 was the bloodiest year for missionaries due to the genocide in Rwanda where 248 church workers were massacred.Even today Africa is seeing a new wave of violence, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo where a lay volunteer lost his life on December 15, last but not least in 2008?s list of murdered missionaries.