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Community Of Saint Egidio Founder Wins Charlemagne Prize

Riccardi is a very different choice from previous honorees. ;

Andrea Riccardi Founder, Community of Saint Egidio The winners have all been politicians, from De Gasperi to Mrs. Merkel, and in the end we try and I try to not be a politician. ;

Although the award is in his name, Riccardi was quick to give credit to his colleagues in the Community of Saint Egidio. ;

Andrea Riccardi Founder, Community of Saint Egidio I believe that this award was given to me because as the founder, I am the most senior member. ; But it was given to the Community of Saint Egidio for its work with the poor in Europe, because there is a Europe of the poor, there is a Europe of solidarity, and for its work to achieve peace in the world. ; I believe this, that we represent a small piece of Europe born in the Gospel of solidarity and peace. ; ;

The mayor of Aachen praised the Community of Saint Egidio’s work, saying they embody the values that the award represents. ; ;

Jürgen LindenMayor of Aachen (Germany) ;They are living the European values, not only the Christian ones but even the Christian-Jewish ones. ; And the ideas of the Declaration of Human Rights, of the French Revolution, and of the new democracies after ’45. ; And they are living it with all the generations and with all the sociological types of citizens, with the poor and the rich, with the people that have been born here and the immigrants. ; And in this sense, they live the new Europe. ;

Riccardi will travel to Aachen in May for the formal presentation of the award. ; ; DDS