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Rome Reports

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I-Breviary Replaces Prayerbook For Phone

Father Paolo Padrini developed the application to bring a new socialization between God and today?s man, a prayer book that keeps up with our times.The multilingual application has become so popular that after its first week available for purchase, over 5,000 people downloaded it to their I-phones, I-pods and I-Tunes with all proceeds going to charity. Now a similar service is also available for Facebook users. The Praybook Facebook application provides daily prayers right from users profiles. Users can also send prayers as gifts to their friends. The Pontifical Council for Social Communications embraced the application and encourages clergy to download I-breviary. This is the latest technology approved by the Vatican in its goal of reaching todays tech savvy youth. World Youth Day Sydney was praised for creating a social networking website, digital prayer walls and having the Pope send text messages throughout the event. During the Synod of Bishops on the Word of God it was suggested the Pope start his own blog. Facebook has already embraced the idea and an I-Pope application could become Apple?s next big spiritual digital hit.