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Rome Reports

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New Director, New Themes For WYD

Now the French priest will have a key role in planning World Youth Days for the years to come. The themes for the next three years have already been chosen.Eric JacquinetYouth Section Director, Pontifical Council for LaityIn 2009 Pope Benedict XVI has chosen the theme of hope. ...we have set our hope on the living God... from the first letter to Timotheus by St. Paul. He chose it because of the year of St Paul, but also because it deals with hope. Hope and Faith are also the topic for future World Youth Days. The Pope will go to Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day in 2011. The theme for that year will be Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith, a firmness in faith Pope John Paul II initiated.Eric JacquinetYouth Section Director, Pontifical Council for LaityFor more than 20 years the Church is particularly attentive to the young. Here in Rome, Pope John Paul II began a new pontifical pastoral for youth. The fact that the Pope addressed the youth, met with them and wanted to meet with them, was totally new. Jacquinet agrees that the importance of young people in the Church is the hope they bring with their youth.Eric JacquinetYouth Section Director, Pontifical Council for LaityThe Second Vatican Council already explained that the Church must receive youths, because youths are bearers of hope. John Paul II explained that the peculiarity of youth is in their hope, and in their projects. They build their life, they suffer for having a job, form their families, get married and have hope. So, youths need the help from the Church to build this hope. Hope lies in the expectations for the next major World Youth Day celebration in Madrid. Since Cologne 2005 and Sydney 2008, the high tech, highly attended gathering will have to step it up a notch in 2011 to reach the hopes of an even higher demanding crowd of youths.