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Sculptors Recreate Scenes Of The Birth Of Jesus With Sand

Giuseppe Surpi Visitor, Padova The work of these sculptors is truly a work of art, it is a pity that they will be destroyed. These works remind us in a very suggestive way, religion and Christmas.It?s an exhibition of 8 huge sand sculptures. The most spectacular, in terms of their magnitude and richness of detail, are the scenes of Mary and Joseph seeking lodging, the Three Wise Men and of course, the birth of Jesus. But how do they keep these monumental works of sand from collapsing?The secret is in creating a solid sand base. To achieve this, sculptors use a wooden mold. Once this effect is achieved, some sculptures can resist even the rain. The exhibition is always dedicated to one of the world?s peacemakers. This year, the honor went to Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Daniella Pardo Visiting VeniceOne of the works of art that impressed me the most is the sculpture of Mother Theresa of Calcutta with the children, for the detail in her hands protecting a child and the figure of the child who stands out as if he was just born. Although the admission is free, visitors are asked to make donations. Just between 2004 and 2007, close to 238,000 euros were raised for humanitarian projects. And this year, the funds will go to two projects in Latin America.