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STOQ: Vatican sponsors conference on evolution

A four day conference sponsored by the Vatican featured scientists and theologians from all over coming together for dialogue on evolution. The aim was to present solid scientific facts that are widely accepted while also discussing the theological perspective.The Church says its possible to accept biological evolution as a way in which God creates life.David Wilson seems to think religion can play a role after all in the debate over evolution, keeping in mind that it refers to the body and not the spirit.David Sloan WilsonProfessor, Binghamton UniversityEveryone needs a value system. Our behaviors ; do not come directly from our genes. They come indirectly from our genes. Our capacity for culture evolved by genetic evolution. But our most immediate behaviors come from very largely from this value system. Now it’s up to both sides to continue communicating through constructive dialogue. What’s certain is that meetings like these help faith and science come together. RSS