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Vatican Publishes Catalogue Of Hebrew Manuscripts

Msgr. Cesare Pasini Prefect, Vatican Apostolic LibraryThe historical significance of these manuscripts is very broad because it includes biblical texts and all the Jewish tradition: not only the religious. There are also encyclopedic and scientific texts. We have the essence of the Jewish culture in all aspects.This collaboration between the cultural institutions of Israel and the Vatican, also existed in the past, as evidenced by some manuscripts dating from the 13th and 15th centuries. Msgr. Cesare Pasini Prefect, Vatican Apostolic LibraryThe documents were owned by Italian Jews, but the ones who wrote them, the scribes and illustrators, were Italian Christians and Italian Jews. This was a collaboration that involved dialogue and understanding. The initiative came up in the year 2000. Several experts from Israel?s Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts worked for nearly 10 years in the Vatican Library and the Library of Jerusalem.Mordechay Lewy Ambassador of Israel to the Holy SeeIt?s very important to know and to show that the relationships between the Holy See and Israel are multidimensional, they are not only restricted to political or to religious relations but also cultural. Although there are no specific projects planned, monsignor Pasini said the Vatican hopes to continue working with Israel?s cultural institutions. This is very likely to happen, says Pasini. Since completing the catalogue, they have received another 120 Hebrew manuscripts.