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Vatican Radio Museum Shows Evolution Of Technology

Shortly after the establishment of the Vatican City State, Pope Pius XI asked Marconi to build a radio transmitter. ; The station opened in 1931. ; ;

Alido BrinzagliaVatican Radio Technical MuseumThe Pope needed a radio, a sovereign and independent means of information, like the new state that had just been created.

Today, the Marconi building is the Vatican Radio Technical Museum. ; It was opened in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invention of radio, and to pay tribute to its inventor. ; ;

The exhibit includes 180 pieces of equipment used by Vatican Radio since its beginning, and other items like this replica of Marconi’s first transmitter, this Edison Bell record player, or this microphone that was used by Pius XI. ;

One of the most impressive exhibits is this vinyl records presser, possibly on of the first portable recorders. ; ; ; ;

Alido BrinzagliaVatican Radio Technical MuseumYou can see how radio equipment has developed over the past hundred years. ; When children come to see the exhibit, they don’t know what they’re seeing because they think the radios they use have always been like that. ; ; ;


The museum gets an estimated 800 visitors a year. The majority are students and people who are interested in radio. ; For those who want to visit, you should be aware that because it’s located in the Vatican gardens, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. ;