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What Christians And Muslims Can Learn From Each Other

Marco Impagliazzo President, Community of Saint Egidio It means to act as a bridge, between cultures and religions. ; Because Christians in the Muslim world represent the need pointed out in the Second Vatican Council of dialogue to achieve peace and mutual understanding. ; It means being located in parts of the world with a certain degree of instability. ; ;

The Community of Saint Egidio in Rome recently hosted a forum with several political, religious and social experts to discuss the value of Christian churches in the Middle East. ;

One of the participants, who serves as a political advisor to the grand mufti of Lebanon, says Christians have a positive role on the Muslim faith. ;

Mohammad Sammak Secretary General, Christian-Muslim Committee for Dialogue (Lebanon) ;My own experience as a Muslim living with the Christians in my country Lebanon helped me to understand my religion better. ; This is something very important, because in Islam you have to believe in Christianity in order to be a Muslim.

One prominent Catholic leader from the region says there is much that the faithful from both religions can learn from each other. ;

Archbishop Benjamin Sleiman Archbishop of Baghdad (Iraq) I think that Christians should learn from Muslims the importance of faith in everyday ; life, and to be strong in the faith. ; I think that Muslims can also see how much Christians appreciate peace, something that is very important. ; ;

While political, economic, and social issues can arise as a result of religious differences, all of the participants said it was important for both faiths to be able to coexist in a turbulent region of the world, and to continue dialogue as a means of respect, debate, and cultural exchange. ; ; ; ; ;