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Placido Domingo To Sing John Paul II?s Poetry

At a news conference at the Vatican, Domingo said that a year before Pope John Paul II?s death, he had revealed to the Holy Father his desire to do this project. PLACIDO DOMINGO The last time that I saw him I asked him: Your Holiness, I know that you composed lots of poems, and, if you let me, I would like to try to make songs out of these texts. And he said: Yes, with great joy. And that?s how I started working with my son, who is a composer. After much study, twelve texts were chosen. Texts of a great poetic and spiritual value, about the more universal and more dramatic human experiences: family, work, war, freedom.PLACIDO DOMINGOI said to myself: these songs are for everyone, and the world must remember this incredible man. If I say that he was perhaps the most important person I met in my life, it is because in this wonderful man, in his great humanity, I?ve seen a saint. The project is the result of the work of several composers, and of the collaboration of Andrea Bocelli and Vanessa Williams. It?s a tribute that is most of all a memory of a man who continues to inspire respect, admiration and nostalgia and not only among the faithful.