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Rome Reports

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"The Human Experience" tries to answer the meaning of life

Joseph CampoProducer, “The Human Experience”The film really answers the questions that most people ask themselves. What is life all about? Where am I going? Is it all worth it in the end?Jeffrey AzizeProtagonist, “The Human Experience”It’s about us two guys going to certain areas in the world: Africa, South America, and in our own backyard New York City.Jeffrey Azize is the protagonist in this documentary that takes place in New York, Peru and Kenya. Along with his brother Cliff, the two Brooklyn boys try to discover the human element behind the meaning of life diving first hand into the lives of the locals, living homeless in New York City, visiting AIDS patients and lepers in Africa, and handicapped children in Peru.Jeffrey AzizeProtagonist, “The Human Experience”They were facing death everyday, yet these people were very faith filled people. They had a motivation and a drive to live. Even though they didn’t have the fancy car fancy home or even though they didn’t have ten fingers or two legs they still had a great motivation and desire to live life to the fullest.Joseph CampoProducer, “The Human Experience”One of the things that we said in the very beginning when we started filming this, is that no mater what happens don’t turn off the cameras. So what you’ll see when you see this film is basically what happened really behind the scenes for most of the time.Joseph and Jeffrey were in Rome for a screening of the film. Afterward, the audience had the opportunity to ask Jeff about how making the film changed his life. He says he hopes the documentary leaves people with a deeper sense of human camaraderie.Joseph CampoProducer, “The Human Experience”That they take the film and don’t leave it in their chairs but they actually maybe go home and apply this film to their lives, maybe forgive someone who hurt them or came across them in a negative way.“The Human Experience” has garnered 18 film festival honors both in the United States and in other countries including best humanitarian film and best feature film.RSS