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Pope asks to pray for the members of the G8

Benedict XVI "Let us pray so that during the meeting held in L?Aquila this week, heads of state make decisions that benefit all people, ; especially the poorest.”

The Pope said he hopes his Encyclical “Caritas in Veritate,” helps mankind commit to building a future in which nobody is excluded.

After the general audience, Benedict XVI received some of the first ladies of heads of state ; participating in the G8 summit.

The pope greeted them affectionately and exchanged a few words with the wives of the presidents of Mexico, South Africa, India, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The wife of the president of the European Commission and the wife of the president of the Food and Agriculture Organization were also present.

Benedict XVI recognized the wife of the ; president of the European Commission and two Italian ministers who accompanied her.

The Italian Minister of Education took the opportunity to congratulate the pope for his encyclical, commenting that it was a very long and interesting document, Benedict XVI replied with a big smile.