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Faith & sex: A prayer for before making love is published

"Making love is, in God’s view, prayer itself. So, maybe yes, maybe not.""God created the bodies to be together, so in and of itself it’s a religious experience."Catholic doctrine considers sex to be a gift from God to married couples as the highest expression of human love and the power of procreation.But other couples don’t seem to think there’s a place for prayer before intimacy, sometimes also for religious reasons."I don’t consider that you have to pray before making love.""I don’t think you have to pray before you make love because I think making love is all about God and that’s what its all about."It’s not a novelty, though. The Bible has a prayer for married couples based on Tobit and Sarah.The new book was published by the Catholic Truth Society, a publisher and charity group in London. It also includes prayers for pregnancy, dating, and the care of children.RS