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Rome Reports

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Pontifical University and National Chengchi University sign agreement to collaborate

Under the agreement the schools will exchange faculty and students. Both sides agree there’s a cultural element to this academic exchange.Prof. Wei-Wen ChungNational Chengchi UniversityThis is a global village. And students will have some exposure to a cultural environment other than their own. ; That’s really good to their education. That can broaden their horizon.”Prof. Luis Romera Rector, Pontifical University of the Holy CrossI think for a student from Asia, specifically from China, coming to Rome would help him or her open up their reality not just to Europe but t the world.”Professor Luis Romera is the rector of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. Though his university already collaborates with others around the world he says this exchange is a particular one because of Asia’s rich culture and history.Prof. Luis Romera Rector, Pontifical University of the Holy CrossThis type of collaboration allows our students to get to know an ancient culture. This makes their experience richer and it helps them understand themselves as human beings.”National Chengchi University, located in Taipei, was established in 1927 and is ranked as the best university for foreign students by the Taiwan ministry of education. Likewise, the University of the Holy Cross in Rome boasts some 1,500 students from 77 countries.RS