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Best keep secrets of John Paul II revealed, his sacrifices

Andrea TornielliAuthor “Santo Subito”"He spoke with God. You would take one look at him and you knew that he was a person who talked frequently with God.”Aside from praying with his lips, the book reveals that John Paul II would pray using his whole body since he would often go on fasts and perform penance. Andrea TornielliAuthor “Santo Subito”“He would do it to suffer and therefore have more suffering to offer Jesus Christ for the Church, for the pontificate, for humanity. John Paul II led humanity for 27 years and he’s shown he’s suffered like Christ in the name of mankind.”But what his biographers found is that this type of attention to his spiritual life didn’t get in the way of the conflicts during his time. In fact, it’s what brought him close to all people. Andrea TornielliAuthor “Santo Subito”“His sensitivity for prayer, for the spiritual and supernatural world translated into a complete immersion into real life and the real world. It was because he prayed so deeply that he was capable to embrace every person and make them feel loved by God.”The book includes unedited episodes throughout his pontificate. For example, the times he would break protocol to visit with ill patients. On one occasion he received a patient in his private chapel who wanted to see him, even though the patient had not made a formal request. John Paul II would also ask his secretaries to show him all the prayer requests he would receive. Andrea TornielliAuthor “Santo Subito”“They would leave notes on his table with the things people would ask him to pray for. And he prayed for every single one.”The book also captures some of the stories of those who say to have received a miracle through the intercession of John Paul II. From medical miracles, to conversions and solutions to problems. One of the most remarkable is the one involving French nun Marie Simon-Pierre. It’s the miracle the postulator presented for John Paul II’s future beatification.Andrea TornielliAuthor “Santo Subito”“It involved a French nun’s cure to Parkinson’s, the same disease the pope had. The pope had also felt like he was locked in his body since his body wasn’t responsive. The cure was a miracle because Parkinson is a degenerative disease there’s no cure for it.” Doctors have already declared the cure “scientifically inexplicable.” If theologians and cardinals at the Vatican agree, the pope could beatify John Paul II next fall.JMB/MCFF-PP-WP-