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Vatican calls for more lay participation in politics

Laws against life and the family are showing that Catholic politicians are failing to stand up with conviction to promote God’s vision of man.Ana Cristina Villa Betancourt Pontifical Council for Laity "I think the Holy Father is responding to what he sees as insufficient lay participation or involvement, a weak or strong sense of identity, or just a lack of participation in regions that are very Catholic but where the presence of Catholics in public life is not strong enough."At the Vatican, the Pontifical Council for the Laity is responsible for ensuring that Catholics take an active role in public decision-making. But just as they are asking laity to contribute to improving societies in which they live, the Vatican is also promoting greater lay involvement in the life of the Church. Ana Cristina Villa Betancourt Pontifical Council for Laity "Often ; the laity distort reality saying, ?Oh, that’s for the Church ...?, as if they were not the Church, as if the Church were just for the ordained or religious. But the Church is us too, and all the problems of the Church are our problems."Ana Cristina Villa believes that many lay people have misunderstood their role. She says that "a lay person" is not only someone who assists the priest, but someone who leads the Church in society, in his family, work or entertainment. Specifically, she is in charge of promoting women?s involvement in the Christianization of society. One of the tools she uses is this website with articles on important feminine philosophy, theology, Bible, Culture and Society. Ana Cristina Villa Betancourt Pontifical Council for Laity "For the life of the Church, women have always been an asset, a pillar, a bulwark. So this is what I think our role is here: to delve into our wealth of history and draw from these riches wisdom and lessons for facing the challenges that our own era presents." This means that the laity can not settle for being "passive" recipients of the generosity of the monks, nuns and priests. The Pontifical Council for the Laity says that the laity have to bring God to where religious and priests cannot enter. And that means parliaments.PVB/EPDC-JM-WP-