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New iPhone application makes for a one of a kind experience at Vatican Museums

A company called ItalyGuides has launched “The Vatican Museums 1.0” an application that’s like having a personal tour guide walk you around every corner of the Vatican Museums. Leonardo CalandraItaly GuidesWe made for the first time, an audio guide that was different, something like a movie with a nice story, music that give you the experience of what you are listening to.”The application is armed with text, maps, images of the art work and special effects that go hand in hand with some of the most priceless artwork. Leonardo CalandraItaly GuidesWhen you are at the Sistine Chapel for example, it is always crowded with people so it’s not easy for you to have a ; good look at the frescoes, 8:40 this application helps you understand what you will see.”And what Michelangelo is telling visitors through his frescoes. Leonardo Calandra, with ItalyGuides says the application has been downloaded more than 250 thousand times since its launch in late 2009. Leonardo CalandraItaly GuidesIf you touch the screen you can read the text you can skip the audio at certain points and if you turn it to landscape mode you have the images of the point you are listening to at that moment.”At this moment, Italy guides is working on making similar applications in other languages and focused on cities across Italy. In the meantime, “Vatican Museums 1.0” and a similar audio only version is available on I-tunes and other online music stores. People can download the application for 5 bucks.ItalyGuides sees it as a small price to pay for a one of a kind experience at the Vatican Museums.MCDC-WP-