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Rome Reports

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Lay Center offers students more than a place to sleep

Robert WhiteLay Center Resident“This experience of exchange has been particularly helpful to me.”He’s one of 20 students who lives at the Lay Center. It was founded in 1986 as a place for lay students from around the world to live and study in Rome. It’s mission is to provide a program of lay formation based on the four pillars of Christian formation identified by the Church: spiritual, intellectual, human and pastoral.Donna Orsuto the director says students here are able to integrate their studies with their spiritual life. Donna OrsutoDirector, Lay Center“But I also hope it’s a place where they really grow in their knowledge an in their faith and that hey come to do their academic studies in such a way that it has a real impact their daily life.”But the Lay Center also doubles as an ecumenical center. This year students from 10 different countries and various religious backgrounds sleep, eat, pray and study here. Orsuto says that makes inter religious dialogue a part of every day life. Donna OrsutoDirector, Lay Center“Whether they are playing soccer in the garden or sitting around in the kitchen, this can be very important for future dialogue, for bridge building among people of different backgrounds.”Robert WhiteLay Center Resident“Many people who live here have not previously had the chance to meet Christians or Catholics in person or see how Catholics live an worship so it’s very eye opening for them as well.”An eye opening experience that 20 students from around the world will carry with them during and after they complete their studies in the Eternal City. MC-DC-WP-