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God and Obama, a outside perspective on the faith and politics inside the White House

But flash forward to his first year in office, and in Alessandro Gisotti’s eyes, something has definitely changed.Alessandro GisottiAuthor, God and Obama"During his first year in office, the topic of faith has resulted in the difference in contrast with religious voters, like in the case when he gave a speech at Notre Dame University.”That appearance at the Catholic University riled up pro-life groups because of his stance on abortion. Now President Obama?s faith is the subject of a new Italian book titled “God and Obama. Faith and Politics at the White House.”The author, Alessandro Gisotti, an editor at Vatican Radio, released the book in Rome. Alessandro GisottiAuthor, God and Obama“I hope that the people who read this book have a better understanding of this figure. While he’s a fascinating figure, there’s also contradictions in his personal and political message..”For example, Gisotti points out while the 44th President of the U.S is criticized for his stance on abortion and stem cell research among the religious, he’s also applauded for his peace making efforts in the Middle East. A struggle, according to Gisotti, for the 54% of Catholics who voted for Obama in 2008. Alessandro GisottiAuthor, God and Obama“Today we see that he’s struggling with religion, but also to find common ground on other issues, like the health care reform debate. This is certainty the case in the dialogue with religious voters.”The book ‘God and Obama’, which is only available in Italian, takes at faith inside the White House, today and throughout history. MC