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Pontifical University Students take the lead in Eucharist Adoration

Fr. Benedict Croell OPChaplain, University of St. Thomas“The students do it all. They organize and send out the information, so we don?t have to do anything, this was their idea.”The students designed a weekly calendar so their is always someone praying before the Eucharist between 8:00 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening.Each student commits at least one hour to Eucharist adoration. Other students and professors take over during breaks and lunch time. Matthew John Paul TanTheology Student ; (Australia)“Going to adoration is actually something that keeps my life in order. It ; stops my life from falling apart from all the stress so I think it’s important for me to have an Adoration Chapel on campus.”Silvia GiulianoSocial Science Student (Italy)“It’s something very special, because my church doesn’t even offer this every day. To have an opportunity like this, is an opportunity to thank God daily. ; This has the power to full fill and change your day to day outlook.”The university, made up of ; 1-thousand students from 90 different countries, wants to teach its students about faith and reason through subjects such as theology, philosophy and social science. In fact students say study and prayer is part of their formation. Andrew HenrickSeminarian (Estados Unidos) “We incorporate both: study and prayer. We find is that we are unified and God wants us to be unified. He didn’t make us so we can ignore intellects and just know things rationally and not take the time to belief in him, he wants us to be complete people.” Jill AlexySpiritual Theology Student (Estados Unidos)“So I think having both, faith in practice at the Eucharist and Knowledge in practise in study really is the same. Its just the one way of worshipping God in all these different avenues”. ;Through this initiative, the Angelicum, who’s alumni includes Karol Wojtyla, has created a new place for students and professors to meet, the chapel.PVB/MCDC-WP-