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Two years without Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement

Chiara LubichFounder of the Focolare Movement“I was 23 years old when I devoted myself to God, that day realized that I was leaving everything. It was as there was a collapsed bridge behind me. It was the bridge of life in the world. At that time I shed a tear but I said "Jesus, I?m all yours." And then I found an inner joy that I can not describe because I was married to God, I was married to God ".

That day was December 7, 1943. It would be the day she started the Focolare Movement which intends to live the Gospel to the ‘T’ and live the love of others through God.

Chiara LubichFounder of the Focolare Movement"I remembered a phrase that’s not in the Gospel, it’s from Virgil, who says:" Love conquers all "and also that love will be victorious."

From that point forward, she traveled around the world with thousands of people to spread that message.

She received many awards including UNESCO’s award for education and peace. The Anglican Church also awarded her with the Cross from the Order of St. Agustin for her work in ecumenical dialogue.

The founder of the Focolare Movement died in Rocca di Papa, near Rome, in 2008. Today, it’s estimated the movement has 2 million members in 182 countries. ;