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Bishop of Ciudad Juarez: How the unholy drug war in Mexico is affecting the Church

Msgr. Renato Ascencio ;LeónBishop of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)

“Just 10 days ago, after a wedding ceremony at a church, the groom and two family members were abducted. Later they were found dead.”In another nearby town, Archbishop Renato Ascencion Leon says drug criminals wanting to over run the community torched the local church. On the other side of the border, President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to crackdown on drug traffickers. That includes sending 1,200 national guards troops to the U.S./Mexico border. The troops would help with intelligence and surveillance. Community leaders like Monsignor León question the effect the troops will have on border activity. Msgr. Renato Ascencio LeónBishop of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)“The Americans have a border they need to respect and protect, but Mexico has to work to protect its citizens with its own resources.”While the authorities crack down on the criminals, the Church is working to prevent such activities through lots of prayer. Two months ago the archdiocese launched a pray for peace campaign. But their main focus is on evangelizing. They hope by evangelizing young people will help form promoters of peace to shape a more just society.Msgr. Renato Ascencio ;LeónBishop of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)

“The Lord wants peace, unfortunately those who don’t want it are the ones who are causing so much harm.” Including deaths. But church leaders here are hopeful that someday people here will be able to go about their daily lives and without being afraid. MCWP