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EncouragePriests.org: A new website to show support to priests

Encouragepriests.org was established on Holy Thursday during the Year for Priests. It has been done by the same team of Catholics Come Home.

The new site aims to promote priestly vocation and to support and encourage priests through words, acts and prayers.

This website will help Catholics send messages, blogs, printable greeting cards, e-cards and “spiritual bouquets” to priests around the world.

Tom PetersonFounder, EncouragePriests.org“We need to pray for them, show them how much they are appreciated. Without priests we have no sacraments, no reconciliation, no Eucharist, no Mass. So it?s critical for us as laity to show love and support for our priests.”

With these gifts of gratitude and kind words, Catholics can express their appreciation to priests with the click of a button.

The site?s founder says this movement to support priests is crucial because they lead sacrificial and humble lives. He says a simple prayer and word of appreciation can uplift them.

Tom PetersonFounder, EncouragePriests.org“How easy is it for us to criticize a priest. Maybe we don’t understand his accent or maybe we didn’t like the homily that day. These men are tireless workers. They are on the front-line of spiritual battle.”

The site is not just for priests but also for seminarians, bishops and cardinals.

EncouragePriests.org will be accepting video submission and essays from parishioners on how a priest has inspired them. They will be posted on the site from the day of the launch.