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Vatican publishes the decree of powers of the commissary of the Legion of Christ

Velasio De Paolis exercises authority on behalf of the pope over all the Legionaries of Christ, from its general director Alvaro Corcuera to its last religious.

While De Paolis is delegate, the superiors of the institute will remain in office, but will have to run their decisions by the papal delegate. ; He will then decide whether or not to approve them.

The delegate can denounce acts of the superiors of the institute if he considers it necessary. ; The Holy See reserves the ability to relieve the superiors without having to explain why.

Bertone clarified in the document that the main task of the delegate is to “direct, monitor and carry out the revision of the Constitutions.”

Bertone says that a committee must be formed “as soon as possible” to review the Constitution. ; De Paolis will chair the committee and it will include participation of all the members of the Congregation.

If the delegate sees the need to study and broaden certain topics, whether of people or things, study commissions can be undertaken.

De Paolis will not be alone in developing this work. ; He will enlist the help of four close advisers, who have yet to be named. ; The advisers specifically will visit other communities.

This decree, reviewed by Benedict XVI, leaves no doubt of the role of Archbishop Velasio De Paolis. ; He will have the important task of solving the grave problems caused by the congregation?s founder Marcial Maciel.