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Catholic Word, bringing books and resources to Catholics throughout the world

The company works with bookstores and brings books to parishes, schools, and apostolates who don?t have access to a local Catholic store.

Catholic Word has distributed books throughout the US and nearly all over the world.

The founder says she has many publishers requesting to distribute their work, and it is unfortunate that she cannot accept them all. She looks for certain criteria and receives special help. She says God is her CEO.

Carolyn KlikaPresident, Catholic Word (US)“If we feel that a title or publisher is putting out very relevant and needed, very central and core topics, if they are good quality and if they are teaching with the mind of the Church and if its something that I feel God is leading me too because he is the one that tells me what I need to do.”Before founding Catholic Word, Carolyn worked in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. But she said something was missing: She had a desire to serve God more directly.

She helps connect publishers with customers sitting in pews and those who haven?t found the gift of faith yet.

Carolyn KlikaPresident, Catholic Word (US)“I cannot imagine any work that I would rather do in the world. I can see in so many ways God gives each of us a gift and an impulse and a desire to do certain work. Evangelization is the reason that I get up in the morning, and so I have a deep passion for sharing the faith.”

And she hopes Catholic Word is helping people share the faith. The faith that led her to start this Catholic publishing group with the mission to build up the Church one soul at a time.