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Pope, eager about his trip to St. James of Compostela

The pope also showed his enthusiasm for his next visit to Santiago de Compostela in November.

Benedict XVI“In this Compostelan Holy Year, I too hope to go there to join pilgrims in the month of November, on a trip during which I will also visit Barcelona. Following the footsteps of St. James, let us continue the journey of our lives while bearing constant witness of faith, hope and charity.”

In front of hundreds of people, the pope said the ; ; Holy Father prayer comprehends and expresses the material and spiritual requirements of human beings.

He also said this prayer shows people that being children of God is the same as following Christ.Before finishing the Angelus, the pope recalled the tragedy that occurred during the celebration of the musical event ?Love Parade,? in the German city of Duisburg, in which 19 youth died and more than 200 were injured.

Benedict XVI“I pray to our merciful Father for the youth who lost their life in Duisburg in a tragic way. For their families and friends who find themselves deep in pain, as with those injured, I ask for comfort and the closeness of the Holy Spirit.”

This was the pope?s third Angelus during his vacations and in which he wanted to remember especially the life of James, the first apostle who left his job as a fisherman and his family to follow Jesus and gave his life for him.