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Rome Reports

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Pope expresses profound satisfaction with the avoidence of Cluster Munitions

Benedict XVI"With the entering into force of the new Convention, which I urge all States to support, the international community has shown wisdom, long-sightedness, and perseverance in producing such a significant accomplishment in the field of disarmament and international humanitarian law."During the Angelus, Pope Benedict also recalled the exemplary lives of several Saints, such as: Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists and patron of confessors, and Saint John Vianney – the Curé of Ars ; - patron recalled in the Year for Priests. ; Pope Benedict noted that richness of the Saints is rooted in their choice of serving God over the quest for material things.Benedict XVI"Today’s liturgy calls us to moderation in our desire for material goods, which are not everything in life, and to learn how to administer them well and to share them with others, so that they produce greater and lasting goods."At the conclusion, the Pope greeted the pilgrims in seven languages and gave his Apostolic blessing. BR/TJCTVGdP-BN