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Benedict XVI recalls the life and legacy of St. Pius X

What distinguished the pontificate of Saint Pius X, the Pope said, was that he ?renewed all things come in Christ? and he showed that the origin of all works must come from Christ.

Benedict XVI“He left an indelible mark in very many aspects of the Church?s life and activity, his overaching goal being to “renew all things in Christ” through our intimate personal unin with our Saviour.”

St. Pius X began the drafting of the Code of Canon Law, and revised the training of priests with the creation of several regional seminaries.

He also wrote a text on Christian doctrine, which was used as a reference for many years under the name of the Catechism of ?Pius X ?.

He also encouraged participation in the sacramental life of the Church, along with public prayers and called for first communion at age seven.

St. Pius X also challenged some difficult theological trends which came about in the late nineteenth century and he appealed to all the world?s Catholics to end the First World War.

Pope Benedict XVI noted that St. Piux X efforts were rooted in his strong fidelity to Christ.